For 25 years, Astech Projects have supplied award winning automated systems, providing companies worldwide with the solutions they need to improve their business operations. Based in Cheshire UK, Astech Projects are specialists in custom design, build and systems integration of advanced robotics and automation for the laboratory and advanced manufacturing industries including aerospace and pharmaceutical.
Recognised for our innovative designs, we ensure both hardware and software are tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements, no matter how complex.
From research and development through to production and testing, we help our customers by providing automated solutions that enable them to optimize their processes and solve difficult challenges successfully.
Within Astech Projects we have separate teams which specialise in the following sectors:
Industrial Automation - offering effective solutions to production and process inefficiencies including machine building and systems integration.
Drug Delivery Automation - a world leader in solutions for regulatory drug delivery testing requirements with a portfolio of solutions in respiratory, solid dose and injectables.
Laboratory Automation - developing and producing custom robotic and automation applications for a wide range of complex laboratory processes.

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