The TM5 Collaborative Robot: 700mm reach & 6kg payload

The UK's first COBOT with integrated vision as standard. 

The TM5-700 Cobot is the first collaborative robot available with integrated vision, allowing a true hand and eye intelligent solution.

With CE certification and safety approved robot features up to +/-0.05mm point repeatability and easy to use software and servo assist teach modes.

Solutions can be realised in 5 minutes as opposed to weeks and the robots can operate without safety fences in co-operation with machine operatives.


With it's powerful built-in vision system and TM flow™, the TM5 can see, think and work like a human.


Users can use the hand-guiding function to teach the TM5 every pose and point in the task. An all-graphic flow chart based HMI allows people to use the TM5 with ease.


TM5 complies with the ISO/TS15066 human-robot safety requirement.




TM Mobile Series: TM5-700M

The ultimate solution for integrating collaborative robots with automated transfer vehicles

The TM5-700M is applicable for electronic industry mobile assembly.

Highly flexible and compatible thanks to DC

TM Robot's high performance mobile series utilise an inbuilt DC20-60VDC supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV/MR in the market today

Built in vision for precision positioning

By utilising the 'TM-Landmark', the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly. This solution is optimal for mobile stacking and machine tending applications.

SEMI S2 certified

Now with SEMI S2 certification for the semiconductor wafer industry, making the TM 
the robot of choice for automation transferring applications between different work stations 

Service Beyond The Sale

Anyone can sell robots- HMK's approach is to use our decades of experience to help you to use them to their fullest extent. That's why we will integrate any cobots we sell into your company, programming them to do what you need them to do,  training your engineers to create your own programs and developing custom tools for specific applications.

Contact us to find out more about what HMK can do for your company.





Watch the TM5 complete a simple pick and place in under 60 Seconds!

With built-in hand guiding functionality, the TM5 Collaborative Robot can

be programmed in hours as opposed to weeks with industrial robots...


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Collaborative Robot CAD Files

TM5 Mounting Plate CAD DrawingTM5 Mounting Plate CAD Drawing

Control Box

TM5 Tool Flange CAD Drawing