Robotic Gripper Design

Creating the perfect robotic gripper to compliment your application perfectly is a capability that HMK can supply. We utilise SolidWorks, industry standard 3D design software, along with mechanical expertise gained from over 35 years in industry so as to design grippers that can manipulate our customer’s parts flawlessly.

In order to supply the perfect gripper, we take into consideration a variety of factors such as:

  • The material in which the customer’s products are made of; for example, the hardness.
  • How they are to be picked and placed: orientation, speed of handling, accuracy of placement.
  • Details of the full application and the industry where the solution will be operating.

Getting this right, on time,on specification, every time; we invest resources to fully understand the project and get to know our customers and their application needs. The result is a bespoke robotic gripper that complements our customer’s TM5 Collaborative robots faultlessly.

If you have any questions please give the team a call on 01260 279411