The TM5 Collaborative Robot

The UK's first COBOT with integrated vision as standard.

The TM5 Cobot is the only collaborative robot available with integral vision, allowing a true hand and eye intelligent solution. 

With CE certification and safety approved robot features +/-0.05mm point repeatability and easy to use software and servo assist teach modes. 

Solutions can be realised in 5 minutes as opposed to weeks and the robots can operate without safety fences in co-operation with machine operatives.

Simple Collaborative Robots


With it's powerful built-in vision system and TM flow™, the TM5 can see, think and work like a human.

Smart Collaborative Robots


Users can use the hand-guiding function to teach the TM5 every pose and point in the task. An all-graphic flow-chart-based HMI allows people to use the TM5 with ease.

Safe Collaborative Robots


TM5 complies with the ISO/TS15066 human-robot safety requirement.

Revolutionary User Interface

You can implement your automation task with our revolutionary simple- to-use TMflow™. In concert with TM Robot hand-guided teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, users without industrial robot coding experience can create a visual pick & place task in 5 minutes. 

Techman robots reduce your time-to-production and save your total cost in automation.

Easy Collaborative Robots


Random Selection Pick Example

The Eye-in-hand camera can be used to automate tasks without the requirement for complicated jigs. The example video demonstrates the identification of the shape and orientation of an object using the camera, allowing the cobot to quickly and accurately pick the object from a random position.

The vision task is executed in less than a quarter of a second and therefore allows for optimised cycle times. Programming on the vison job is completely integrated into the TM Flow programming environment and the example in the video was achieved with only a few minutes of programming effort. 

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TM Plug & Play Solution

With the help of TM Plug & Play, the TM5 Cobot can connect to multiple robotic peripheral products available on the market.

TM Plug & Play is available as standard allowing users to easily integrate third party perpherals to the robot.


HIWIN Collaborative Robot Gripper

Schunk WSG32

SCHUNK Collaborative Robot Gripper

ROBOTIQ Adaptive Gripper

ROBOTIQ Collaborative Robot Gripper

STP Drawings


Collaborative Robot CAD Files


Collaborative Robot CAD Files

Control Box

CAD Drawings

TM5 Mounting Plate CAD Drawing

TM5 Mounting Plate CAD Drawing

TM5 Tool Flange CAD Drawing



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