Technology releases and feature improvements from TM Robot

The next few months will bring new technology releases and feature improvements from TM Robot and the TM5 collaborative robot 

Because of the TM5 Collaborative Robot's simple, easy and safe capabilities, it can be used in a huge variety of industries. Its built-in vision can be used intuitively in item identification for pick and place, position identification for assembly tasks and even extended to coordinate set-up, flaw inspection, bar-code scanning, product function testing and more.

Utilising the TM5's integrated vision system, you can:

Find - (Shape-based Pattern Matching etc)

Enhance - (Morphology, Smoothing & Contrast Enhancement etc) 

Identify - (Barcode, Colour Detection etc) 

Over the next few months there will be several key elements released in terms of new technology and feature improvements from Techman. Which are listed below:

  • Higher payload TM Robot - TM12
    • Which will feature 1.2m reach and 12kg payload (exact details TBC)
  • Modbus Slave as standard
  • Vision measurement
  • Modbus Master as standard
  • Optical character recognition 
  • Safety space
  • Torque  /Current / Voltage inspector
  • Robot interchangeability 
  • 3D bin picking
  • Offline editor

Please note that details of these improvements will be released soon. If you would like more information on the forthcoming updates and improvements, please contact us as one of our team will be happy to help!

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