Techman Robot Ship Over 2,000 Cobots


Techman Robot, HMK's supplier of collaborative robots announced that they shipped over 2,000 TM-series cobots in 2017 and are well on the way to ship over 4,000 by the end of 2018.

Techman have been working in the collaborative robot field since 2012, and today have a range of four industrial robots, each with fully-integrated machine vision and a simple user interface.

The Taiwanese company currently distributes collaborative robots in the UK solely through HMK, who they  honored with an award for excellence as a distributor in 2017.

All models of Techman's cobots are simple, smart and safe, built with advanced safety features that allow them to be used without safety cages and learn common tasks like picking and placing items in minutes. Techman's goal is to free up manual labourers to concentrate on skilled work by automating repetitive, error-prone tasks- not replacing human labour, but making it easier and safer.

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