The distributed inverter for SIMOGEAR geared motors 


Distributed SINAMICS G110M inverters belong to the SINAMICS G series. The distributed inverter in a high degree of protection (up to IP66) has a modular design, comprises a Control Unit and Power Module – and is designed to be used as an inverter integrated in SIMOGEAR geared motors and SIMOTICS GP motors.

It is extremely versatile, and the SINAMICS G110M is highly attractive as a result of its straightforward commissioning and highest degree of user-friendliness. In combination with SIMOGEAR, the devices are completely assembled and pre-commissioned.

Fast commissioning

  • Pre-commissioned with SIMOGEAR

  • Transmission of 24 V DC and 400 V AC and communication – no T connections required

  • Internal braking resistors – typical applications can be implemented without external braking resistor

Fast commissioning on site

  • Local commissioning via DIP switch and potentiometer, memory card, USB interface or Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP)

  • Plug-in I/Os and communication; optional plug-in connections for 24 V DC and 400 V AC

  • Uploading, storing and cloning of parameters with memory card and Intelligent Operator Panel

Full functionality

  • Integrated safety functions (STO local via F-DI or via PROFIsafe)

  • Integrated communication: USS, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Ethernet IP

  • Basic PLC functionalities and additional conveyor functions

High degree of flexibility

  • Integrated, specific software functionality

  • Using the same software tools (STARTER / Startdrive) as all SINAMICS drives

  • Fully integrated in Totally Integrated Automation, Totally Integrated Automation Portal and Integrated