HMK Demonstrates the Siemens Simotion Handling Toolbox

Drives & Controls 2012 provided the ideal forum for HMK to present and demonstrate the Siemens Simotion Handling Toolbox.  The highly dynamic Modular Flexible Handling robot attracted a large amount of interest on stand providing a practical embodiment of the principles and theories presented in the well attended seminar.

The demonstration unit developed with key partners Siemens and Bahr utilises a 4 axis gantry system to provide high speed accurate pick and place in 3 dimensions. The Simotion Handling Toolbox is a library of tools that build on the standard features of the Simotion platform to make the implementation and visualisation of handing systems simple and effective, both minimising development time and maximising efficiency throughout the process. The toolbox is available without charge and contains many time saving features such and HMI templates and alarm handling, as well as innovative functions such as conveyor tracking, zone management and product registration.

Simotion Handling Toolbox

In addition to the Simotion Handling Toolbox, HMK are able to supply innovative actuators and handling subsystems that complement the standard kinematics perfectly.

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