Get a limited time offer on the new version of TIA Portal v15

Following the recent release of TIA Portal v15, we are pleased to inform you that Siemens are offering a limited time offer to TIA Portal users who don’t have current active Software Update Service (SUS) contracts.

TIA Portal v15 brings a host of new features and benefits including expanded Motion Control functions, support for new S7-1500 CPU’s and improved integration of SINAMICS drive technologies.

TIA Portal V15 Overview

During the offer period, users will be able to purchase the appropriate SUS contract and receive a complimentary v15 upgrade to the respective software product. Both SUS contract and Upgrade Licence will be delivered as download versions (the physical DVD SUS contracts are not included in this offer)

This limited time offer is only available until 28th February 2018

This offer will deliver an upgrade licence which is only valid when combined with a full licence from v14. Please ensure that you have an existing full licence for the relevant product before ordering.

For a quotation or more information please get in touch with our Automation Architects today.

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The TIA Portal Products covered by this offer are:

  • SIMATIC STEP7 Basic SUS DL 6ES7822-0AE00-0YY0
  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional SUS DL 6ES7822-1AE00-0YY0
  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional Combo SUS DL 6ES7810-5CC04-0YY2
  • SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced SUS DL 6ES7823-1FE00-0YL5
  • SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Basic SUS DL 6ES7833-1FD00-0YN2
  • SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Advanced SUS DL 6ES7833-1FC00-0YY0
  • SIMATIC Visualization Architect SUS DL 6AV2107-0PX00-0AY0
  • SIMATIC Energy Suite Engineering SUS DL 6AV2108-0AA00-0AY0
  • TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering SUS DL 6ES7823-1AE00-0YL5
  • TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway SUS DL 6ES7823-1EE00-0YL5
  • SIMATIC WinCC Comfort SUS DL 6AV6612-0AA00-0AY0
  • SIMATIC WinCC Advanced SUS DL 6AV6613-0AA00-0AY0
  • SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional SUS DL 6AV2105-0XA00-0AY0
  • SIMATIC WinCC Client for Runtime Professional SUS DL 6AV2107-0DB00-0AY0
  • WinCC Professional 512 Powertags SUS 6AV2103-0DA00-0AY0
  • WinCC Professional 4096 Powertags SUS 6AV2103-0HA00-0AY0
  • WinCC Professional Max. Powertags SUS 6AV2103-0XA00-0AY0