SIMOTION web tutorials released by Siemens.

Siemens have published the first in a series of web tutorials for SIMOTION.

It's called SIMOTION SCOUT TIA Getting Started and you will learn how to create a simple sample project using the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA engineering system. This will allow you to obtain an insight into the typical configuration steps and learn about the SIMOTION SCOUT TIA and TIA Portal tools.

As motion control system, in addition to classic PLC functionality, SIMOTION also has comprehensive motion control and technology functions. Even the most complex automation concepts with demanding motion control requirements can be implemented with the three hardware platforms (PC, controller and drive-based).

SIMOTION Tutorials provide you with an insight into configuring typical automation tasks. You will learn about the individual configuring steps – including commissioning and diagnostics as well as about the tools that are available. The tutorials are modular so that you can also obtain specific information about individual topics.

The series of tutorials starts with the "SIMOTION SCOUT TIA Getting Started" tutorial. Additional tutorials are being prepared and will soon be published.

To enjoy the complete functional scope of the tutorial, you will require a loudspeaker or headphones. An offline version can be downloaded if you cannot run the tutorial online using your browser.

Play Siemens Simotion Tutorial Download Siemens Simotion Tutorial