Siemens S120 AC Servodrive available from HMK.


The S120 is a modular drive that can be used stand alone or as part of a larger Simotion application. These drives are fed directly from the mains rather than from a common rectifier.

In stand alone configuration using a PM340 power module and CU320 control module, the drive can connect to a PLC via Profibus or Profinet and simple motion tasks can be executed using the new EPOS – “easy positioning” routines.

In larger projects the PM340 power module and the CUA31 control module, allow the drives to connect to the Simotion D motion control platform.

 The S120 AC drives are available in the power ranges 0.12 - 0.75 kW (1AC 230V), 0.37 - 250 kW (3AC 400V).