Single converter with a high degree of protection


Siemens Drive Technologies has expanded its range of drives to include a decentralized frequency converter with degree of protection IP 65. This Sinamics G110D converter has been specifically developed for simple industrial materials-handling applications that require a drive with a distributed communications capability.

This new Sinamics G110D frequency converter with degree of protection IP65 is especially suitable for distribution and airport logistics applications. In addition to integrated fieldbus communications via AS-interface with bus parameterization and advanced diagnostic functions, information can also be processed directly on the unit by plugging in up to five sensors. The Sinamics G110D has a very low profile and the same drilling pattern for all models. It can also easily be combined with the more powerful Sinamics G120D model to enable it to be integrated into the drive concepts of more complex applications. The Sinamics G110D has a quick-stop function, an integrated control for 180, 205, 230 VDC and 400 VAC voltage brakes, software braking and external braking resistors. When combined with the Sirius M200D motor starter, this frequency converter is ideally suited for materials-handling logistics applications.

The frequency converter has a rugged metal enclosure so that it can also be used in hostile environments. The Sinamics G110D can be mounted near the motor and operated by hand. This frequency converter is also available with an optional repair switch and a key-operated switch for local manual operation. All terminals are equipped with standardized, plug-in fieldbus, power, input and output connections for Sinamics G110D, Sinamics G120D and the Sirius M200D motor starter. That not only reduces the number of system components and spare part stocks but also simplifies installation and maintenance.

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