New Intelligent Operator Panel available from HMK


Siemens Drive Technologies is exhibiting its new Sinamics IOP (Intelligent Operator Panel) at this year's Hannover Fair. This new panel has simplified operation and plain text displays to speed up commissioning and shorten downtimes. That raises machine and plant availability and consequently productivity. This IOP has been designed for the Sinamics G120, G120D and G110D standard drives, and the Simatic ET200 frequency converter.

The outstanding feature of the Siemens Sinamics IOP (Intelligent Operator Panel) is its user-friendliness. This benefits both the operator with little prior knowledge and the experienced drive expert. The large plain text display, menu-based operation with rotary knob, and the integrated application wizards make commissioning standard drives much easier. Plain text parameter displays, help texts and a parameter filter usually enable a drive to be commissioned without a printed parameter list. 

Application wizards guide the user interactively through the commissioning of applications, such as pumps, fans, compressors 

and materials-handling drives. Process variables can be monitored directly on the IOP status display, so that faults are detected and rectified quickly. The Sinamics IOP helps not only to speed up commissioning but also to drastically reduce the length of planned and unplanned downtimes, so increasing machine and plant availability.

This operator panel has been designed for the Sinamics G120, G120D and G110D standard drive series, and the Simatic ET200 frequency converter. Depending on the type of converter, the IOP can either be mounted on the drive or in the control cabinet door, or alternatively used as a mobile handheld unit. The IOP has an integrated USB interface to make expansions and reading in new software versions easy.

For more information or to speak to one of our technical engineers call HMK on 01260 279411.