Motrona New FM 260 - Impulse Multiplier and Frequency Multiplier for Incremental Encoders



The unit enables you to multiply output signals of quadrature incremental encoders by a proportional factor and by a reciprocal factor, both adjustable in a range from 0,0005 to 9,9999. This procedure allows modification of the physical number of ppr of an encoder to practical any other ppr number (higher or lower) over a wide setting range.

The multiplier accepts frequencies up to 1 MHz (input and output). The impulse count on the output is error-free with respect to the input count and the multiplication ratio, i.e. no cumulative errors will occur.

Setup of the multiplier is very easy by means of the front keys and LCD menu, or by PC via the serial link or the USB port of the unit.


For more information on this product please contact us direct on 01260 279 411.  Also available from HMK is the Motrona range of signal converters, motion controls, panels display and monitoring solutions.