Siemens HawkEye 1500 – 2D Code Readers    


HMK enters the world of machine vision with the introduction of the Siemens HawkEye 1500. The stationary code reading systems are high-performance read devices for many different two-dimensional (2D) codes and one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. They can read printed, lasered, drilled, stamped or needled codes on many different surfaces. Reading the codes is possible on moving and stationary parts independent of the orientation of the object.  

siemens hawkeye 2d code readers

  •          Compact, all-in-one smart-camera configuration for ease of integration

  •          Universally usable

  •          Unique direct part mark verification options for in-process mark quality monitoring

  •          Auto-photometry and auto-training for accommodating a very wide variety of parts without any parameter adjustments or programming

  •          Powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) for advanced setup and remote monitoring of network readers

  •          Enhanced saved image diagnostics for archiving the highest possible read rates

  •            QuicSet™ audio-visual alignment for fast setup & changeover without a PC