Ethernet Power Link provides ideal solutions to small integrated projects



 HMK are now supplying the new Parker Aries and Acro Loop Servo Drive.  ETHERNET Powerlink expands the Aries family by adding real-time motion control over standard Ethernet. The high-speed digital communications network enhances machine performance and configuration possibilities while reducing set-up time and installation complexity.


  • ETHERNET Powerlink Interpolated Position Mode
  • Network servo system solution with ACR controllers
  • Set-up and Auto-Tuning via ACR-View SDK
  • Integrated 2-port hub for Powerlink
  • 3 versions available -- up to 1300 Watts and 6.2 ARMS continuous, 14.2 ARMS peak
  • Supports Rotary and Linear Encoder, Smart Encoder, and Heidenhain Absolute encoder feedback types

For more information on any of the products HMK supply call us on 01260 279 411.

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