Could the G120C finally replace the Micromaster?


Since its conception, the SINAMICS G120C has been trying to force its way into becoming the Micromaster replacement. It has so far failed to live up to that task, mainly due to it's frame size offering. That however has now changed. 

As part of the continuing further development of the SINAMICS product series, the new SINAMICS Compact Drives G120C FSAA have been released for sales with immediate effect.

The product goal is to offer Sinamics G120C in a smaller, more compat form, with a reduced footprint and higher power density, while retaining full compatibility with the previous G120C FSA up to 2.2kW. In addition, the new size provides footprint compatibility with Micromaster 420 and 440 offering significant benefits when migrating and replacing the older product range.

To facilitate this, the footprint options of the Micromaster 4 range have also been approved for use with the new G120C FSAA. These options provide the added benefit of significantly improved control cabinet utilisation also for new installations.

Even though the G120C FSAA footprint is reduced, full installation compatibility has been retained by footprint adaptaion features in the supplied screening plate. This means that no re-engineering is required when replacing a G120C FSA with a G120C FSAA in the same power rating.


G120C FSAA is 100% compatible with the equivalent power ratings of FSA. Identical voltage ratings, current ratings, load cycles and even footprint adaptation ensure that migration from FSA to FSAA will be a seamless process.

Full compatibilty with al the standard options is maintained:

  • Operator Panels
  • Input Chokes
  • Output Chokes
  • External EMC Filter

G120C FSAA is included in:

  • Starter V4.4.1
  • StartDrive V13 SP1 HSP V4.7.3
  • SIZER V3.14

As an added benefit, G120C FSAA has full footprint compatibility with Micromaster 420 and Micromaster 440. Combined with the released compatibility with the MM4 footprint options; input choke, output choke, and class B filter this makes G120C FSAA the ideal solution for migration of MM4 customers, and for projects involving replacement and upgrade of the large installed base of Micromaster 4 FSA drives.