New from HMK, the Neugart PLHE and PLPE Series of Gearboxes

Neugart has investigated the requirements of their gearbox customers and brought two new gearbox ranges to the market.

The requirements for high torque, ultra low backlash and radial load capacity do not necessarily go hand in hand. To combat this Neugart has released the PLHE gearbox.  This takes the bearings and sealing from the high performance PLN gearbox with the gearing from the PLE gearbox. Providing high radial loading capacity, increased sealing performance with standard output torque and backlash.

Other competitors have not currently addressed this combination of requirements, therefore machine builders can make considerable savings using Neugart PLHE gearboxes where ultra low backlash is not required but high load capacity is. All these innovations have been delivered in a package/product which is a geometric replacement for a SP, Apex and ZF gearbox.

The PLPE has been introduced to compete head on with the Wittenstein LP gearbox.  It combines the higher torque benefits of the Neugart PLE gearbox with the universally accepted geometric characterises of the LP resulting in a highly cost effective solution.

Ratios: 3,4,5,8,9,10,12,15,16,20,25,32,40,64,100