Neugart release new high performance Helical Geared Precision Gearbox

Designed for High Speed Precision Applications. For example; driving print rollers, rotating dies & machine tool applications where surface finish is important.

Less heat is generated by using a ball bearing to support the output shaft compared to preloaded taper roller bearings e.g. PSN, but check the radial load capacity. The lower friction bearings also make the gearbox extremely efficient (1 Stage = 96%).

The output flange is made of aluminium which conducts heat away from the gearbox and into the machine quicker.

Helical Gears reduce noise, increase smoothness of running and due to the gradual engagement of the teeth the output speed is more closely synchronised with the motor than with straight gears. Note, the SP high speed friction optimised gearbox uses straight gears so the PSBN would be quieter..