LG Motion is appointed as Collaborative Robot Integrator


As a leading supplier of world class products for Automation, and the UK’s official distributor of Techman Robot, HMK has recently partnered with LG Motion to supply and support the Techman range of Collaborative Robots (Cobots).

Gary Kitchin, Managing Director at HMK comments;

“We recognised the need to offer our cobot customers’ integration services and support and LG Motion provided the perfect fit. We have known LG Motion for a number of years and their approach to system integration, along with their industry reputation, fits perfectly with our own approach of providing industry leading products with quality levels of service and support.”

HMK Automation Group launched the Techman range of collaborative robots in 2017 entering a relatively young market for a new type of industrial robot. The Techman range of Collaborative Robots are actually fully industrial robots that are Simple (Easy to programme and re-deploy) Smart (have programable force limits within their joints, have integrated vison capabilities) and Safe (can be programmed to work in co-operation, collaboration or in co-existence with existing labour). 

The market for Collaborative Robots is expected to grow by more than 40 per cent a year and be worth over £3 billion globally by 2020. HMK has committed to this growth through investment in people and technology and to ensuring their customers have the support and service they require.

With the ongoing reduction in the cost of implementation, manufacturers can now afford to take a much more flexible approach when it comes to simple, repetitive tasks in their workflow with cobots. The collaborative nature of these robots, including sophisticated safety features, allow for previously manual tasks to be replaced by more consistent automated solutions alongside the workforce, offering a considerable cost saving and increased accuracy. 

Gary Livingstone, LG Motion Managing Director comments on the new partnership with HMK; 

“Collaborative robots offer a much more flexible approach for some of the automated motion control solutions our customers require. We found the Techman cobot superior in its space; easy to programme and integrate. This, coupled with HMK’s reputation and expertise in this market and the scale of the organisation behind the Techman product is an exciting prospect for LG Motion”

 The Techman TM-series of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) can be trained without coding, operated without safety cages and are the first Cobot to be built with integrated vision as standard.

This Cobot is so versatile, so easy to use, and so powerful that any company can join Industry 4.0.

Ideally suited for a variety of industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Packaging and Plastics, and Food and featuring ease of operation and rapid deployment, these robots reduce automation and maintenance costs whilst increasing precision and production, perfect for applications requiring 100% accuracy.