HMK and Leuze hold free Safety Seminar

HMK and Leuze Electronic Ltd are planning to hold a free Safety Workshop to equip engineers and managers with the tools to specify, design and operate machinery safely. This will enable them to comply with the imminent Safety Legislation changes that come into place on January 1st next year.

The course, which will be held at HMK’s head office in Congleton on the 31st January2012, will see HMK safety engineers present with the safety specialist team from Leuze.

For almost 50 years Leuze has been the specialists for optoelectronic sensors and safety technology for industrial safety. Leuze produces a wide range of safety products for industrial application including light curtains, safety scannersand safety relays.

We will contact you early in the New Year with further details of the workshop content and how to reserve your place.

HMK Safety Engineering and Leuze Electronic to hold a free Safety Seminar