HMK signs distribution agreement with RobotiQ

RobotiQ Grippers, the World’s Best-Selling Grippers for Collaborative Robots. Adaptive grippers with greater robustness, safety and customisability.

Leading supplier of world-class products for automation applications, HMK Automation Group, is now an official distributor of RobotiQ’s innovative range of ‘servo grippers’ for collaborative robots. The easy to use ‘plug + play’ range of grippers complement HMK’s current robotic offering as they are compatable with its portfolio of collaborative robots (Cobots) from TECHMAN. . The patented finger design is key to making these grippers the most flexible on the market. A spearhead for growth, this partnership greatly strengthens HMK’s robotic offering.

CEO of HMK, Carl Krajewski, comments “We are honoured to be a RobotiQ distribution partner. RobotiQ’s innovative products are improving efficiencies at factories all over the world and simplifying collaborative robot applications, we are very excited to be a part of this and to be able to offer our customers the next generation of robotic accessory technology.”

RobotiQ is a pioneering provider of end-of-arm tooling (grippers) for the fast-growing, collaborative-robotics market. The ‘plug + play’ servo grippers can handle manufacturing tasks previously done by human hands, freeing co-workers from repetitive tasks.

Samuel Bouchard, RobotiQ’s co-founder and CEO adds “Collaborative robotics is transforming industries today, offering low-cost, easy-to-deploy solutions. What is amazing about these systems is how they work side-by-side with humans to improve quality and increase efficiency. We are looking forward to working with HMK and growing our partnership.”