HMK to supply Thomson Profile Range 400 Series


Thomson 400 Series profile rail solution delivers optimized performance in transport grade machine functions.  Thomson 400 Series profile rail linear guides are an ideal linear motion solution for uncomplicated factory and laboratory automation, packaging, food and beverage, life science and certain medical applications. 

Thomson 400 Series is a cost-effective solution engineered to deliver accurate, reliable linear motion in automation applications.  Thomson 400 Series is available with standard or ball cage carriages that use the same rail design. One rail type can be installed where both standard and ball carriage options are used.  Complies with industry dimensional standards (bolt hole pattern, deck height, rail hole spacing).

Availability is ex stock.

Thomson Advantages

  • Value profile rail line that offers a minimum feature set for low precision transport machine functions
  • Ball chain carriage significantly reduces noise and increases running smoothness over standard carriages by 30%
  • Long lengths available for smaller-sized applications (15-20mm)
  • One rail type type provides flexibility in installation where standard and ball cage carriage options are both used 


  • Quality linear motion solution that offers the best cost-to-performance ratio for simple automation requirements
  • Machine noise is further reduced in sound sensitive application
  • 4-meter rail lengths on 15-20mm applications allow for extended, joint-free rail transfer required in certain machine functions
  • One rail type simplifies a machine’s BOM, reduces need to hold inventory on an additional SKU, and allows for standardization in different machine designs