HMK's 35 Years As Automation Architects

4th October 1979 saw the incorporation of HMK by Mark and Heather Krajewski. This lead to a partnership with ELGO GmbH, allowing HMK to introduce a range of simple position controls for the sheet metal and woodworking industries.

In 1985 HMk introduced a range of brushed servo drives from the German company Hauser. These products were complemented by a variety of brushed servo motors supplied by UK-based SEM.

The advent of Brushless Drives brought faster motor speeds and low intertia motors. 1990 also saw us launch IRT and Neugart products in the UK. The combination complemented the motion controls from ELGO, meaning HMK were able to offer an end-to-end solution.

As demand grew for a larger range of drives for the converting and paper industry, HMK teamed up with Siemens to promote the Masterdrives range, including the new S7300 PLC Control.

In 2005 the first S120 was introduced, offering regenerative supply and ultra-high performance. This married with the Simotion motion control and started our journey of technology leadership in the machine-building sector.

HMK introduced robotics into its portfolio in 2017. Manufactured by Techman Robot, our Collaborative Robots are the next generation of robotic technology in the workplace. In their first year as partners, Techman Robot recognized HMK with their 'Distributor of the Year' award.