HMK invest in the future of engineering with new graduate recruits 

Attracting new talent and promoting diversity is crucial to unlocking the wide range of skills and ideas that are going to drive this country’s engineering solutions moving forward. That's why HMK are committed to Investing in the next generation of engineers.

Over the past 6 month's HMK have held a number of graduate assessment days. We had over 500 engineering graduate applications from both under and postgraduates, from electrical and mechanical disciplines. We managed to whittle this number down to 25 over two separate days. 

We put the candidates through a number of tests and situations they are likely to face in a typical working environment, and threw in some curve balls just for good measure!

We are proud to say that from this we have gone on to hire 3 candidates for immediate employment, with another 2 candidates starting in the summer of 2017.

The good news is there is a great pool of talent out there and it is our role, as experienced engineers, to develop and nurture this talent. We will be holding our next Assessment Day in April, during the Easter student break.

Read more below on what attracted the graduates to HMK.

From left to right, Herne Hollamby, Danielle Beever and Oliver Griffiths 

We asked our graduates a couple of questions about what attracted them to the position and what they were most looking forward to getting involved in, read some of the answers below.

What attracted you to the HMK opportunity?

Oliver Griffiths said "My aim as a graduate was to find a job role that would help me to expand and diversify my knowledge and experience within the field of electrical and electronic engineering, and beyond. I discovered from the open day that HMK has been and is currently involved in a wide range of exciting projects across many industries, which involves mechanical as much as electrical and electronic engineering expertise. This confirmed for me that HMK was the right place to work outside of my comfort zone on exciting projects, allowing me to further develop my expertise through experience adapting to solve novel problems."

Danielle Beever said "Working in a smaller company gives greater visibility meaning you won’t get lost in a sea of graduates and are likely to be given more responsibility and opportunities earlier on.  

What are you most looking forward to doing in your role?

Herne Hollamby said "I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my job and I look forward to applying this on bigger projects"

Oliver Griffiths said " HMK provides a graduate training plan that allows me to experience all aspects of the business to decide where I work most effectively, and take most interest. I am most looking forward to collaborating on, and eventually leading, projects. As a smaller company, HMK provides more responsibility and the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the companies operation, which will help me to become a more well-rounded engineer through my career."