Extending the Siemens Sinamics family with the new G120C inverter

Now available from HMK, the Sinamics G120C from Siemens.

The SINAMICS G120C defines new standards in its class regarding size, fast commissioning, extremely simple operator control, high level of service-friendliness and highly integrated functionality. It is predestined for machinery construction and sales through distribution channels and covers the requirements of many applications, e.g. for conveyor belts, mixers, extruders, pumps, fans, compressors and basic handling machines.

Decisive advantages for machinery construction

SINAMICS G120C was specifically designed for OEMs who require a cost-effective, space-saving inverter that is simple to operate and has a broad range of functions. This drive unit is especially compact with a high power density and sets itself apart as a result of its fast installation and commissioning, userfriendly connections and simple commissioning tools. Already integrated: Safety functions (STO via terminal/with 

PROFIsafe), drive networking via standard fieldbus systems as well as a card slot for cloning parameter sets. With three sizes, SINAMICS G120C covers a power range from 0.55 kW to 18.5 kW. To increase the energy efficiency, the inverter is equipped with vector control to optimize energy usage and comes with automatic flux reduction. The drive unit is an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation and has the PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU, CAN as well as USS communication interfaces. Operator control/commissioning is realized quickly and simply with the PC via USB or via the BOP-2 (Basic Operator Panel) or IOP (Intelligent Operator Panel).

Technical Specification

The compact device has been designed for global application in industrial environments. It is suitable for operation in pumps, compressors, fans as well as mixers and extruders, but also for conveyor belts and simple handling machines.

The G120C, with its rated power range of 0.55 to 18.5 kW, sets new standards in its class regarding compact dimensions, fast commissioning times, simplicity of operation, ease of servicing and highly integrated functionality. The Sinamics G120C has been specially optimized for applications in small control cabinets, directly on or near to production machines. These applications often require simple speed-controlled drives with a high power density and which do not take up too much space.

The compact inverter offers one of the highest power densities in its class and can be mounted directly as a module, without sacrificing power. Compared to conventional systems on the market, the inverter requires up to 30 per cent less space for installation, with up to 40 per cent higher power density. Plug-in terminals ensure swift installation.

A port for inserting a memory card enables fast series commissioning. Instead of a blind cover, an operator panel may also be mounted for commissioning purposes. It can also be parameterized using a PC, via a USB interface. Standard paintwork ensures the unit is extremely robust. The inverter is designed for ambient temperatures of up to 60°C.

Each G120C has the integrated Siemens safety technology "Safety Integrated" as standard, to ensure the drives can be stopped safely. It is equipped with a double safe input ex-works, and so controls the STO (Safe Torque Off) function without requiring external devices. The G120C includes the well-established control procedures of the Sinamics platform. Sensorless vector operation enables precise, cost-effective control for the energy-efficient operation of induction motors.

The new inverter supports the Profibus bus system from Siemens. It can also be directly integrated into other widely-used communications structures via the USS field bus protocol, the RTU mode and the CAN bus. The ex-works default setting of each G120C enables direct application without time-consuming parameterization work on the field bus system.