New Sinamics G120 Control Unit Adds Positioning to Siemens AC Vector Inverter Drives

Siemens are launching a new Control Unit - the CU250S-2 for the Sinamics G120 drive range. 

Suitable for the latest PM240 and PM240-2 ac inverter drive power modules, the CU250S-2 comes with incremental encoder input onboard for closed-loop vector control. 

With the CU250S-2 the G120 inverter drives are now capable of single axis point to point positioning with induction motors.  The CU250S-2 also comes by default with safety functions STO "Safe Torque Off", SBC "Safe Brake Control" to eliminate the need for additional external safety relays. Extended safety functions are available with an optional safety license.

The CU250S-2 supercedes the CU240S Control unit with encoder interface but the integrated positioning functions are completely new for this format. 

With the most advanced functions the CU250S-2 is capable of the widest range of applications with and without encoder evaluation. These include pump, fan, and compressor applications, as well as mill, mixer, and extruder applications in industries such as printing, chemicals, textile, automotive and material handling.

Key Features

  • Suitable for PM240 / PM240-2
  • Vector control with and without encoder
  • Single axis positioning
  • Intergrated safety functions STO, SBC, SS1
  • Extended safety functions with license
  • Supercedes CU240S

Further Information

For further information, pricing and availability contact HMK via telephone, enquiry form or chat link.