Cobot Palletising from HMK at PPMA 2019


PPMA showcases the best of British packaging and processing equipment, technology and innovation and this year’s event did not disappoint. Gary Kitchin, Managing Director at HMK comments "We showcased the European launch of the CoPal (Cobot Palletiser) from Techman which really generated a huge visitor interest. PPMA provides an excellent opportunity for us to catch up with existing customers and connect with potential new ones. It also provides a perfect platform to experience the latest capabilities in the packaging and processing sector."

The new CoPal allows the end user to purchase a completely integrated solution centred around the TM12 Cobot to populate any standard pallet. The solution will accommodate two pallets and allow the user to configure the carton lay patterns with layer variations. The TM Palletising Operator features a lifting column enabling stack heights of up to 1900mm and a payload of 10Kg, as well as dedicated inputs for safety scanners and cell level safety functions to PL=d.

HMK Robotics also demonstrated a range of grippers and force sensors from partners including RobotiQ, OnRobot, ATI and Zimmer. TM Plug&Play allows devices from third party manufacturers to operate directly in the TM Flow software environment which dramatically reduces integration time into applications. New products featured included the 2nd generation RG2 gripper from OnRobot incorporating quick changer, the AirPick from Robotiq and the HRC collaborative gripper from Zimmer.

Gary added "This is a very exciting time for HMK Robotics. Each corner of our stand featured a different live ‘Cobot’ demonstration. The new range of collaborative robots from Techman feature integrated vision and safety and can merge systems that usually function separately in conventional robots."

To see the CoPal (Cobot Palletiser) in action click here