Premium Efficiency - IE3 will become mandatory in Europe

Comprehensive legislation has been passed in the European Union in order to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions

From January 1, 2015 standard motors in the power range from 7.5 to 375 kW must meet the minimum of energy efficiency class IE3 for installation within the European Economic Area. This is required by law. Currently IE2 is the minimum efficiency.

Lower energy consumption also reduces costs

Switching to energy-efficient motors worth it since they reduce the energy consumption considerably and thus reduce operating costs. Which requirement is to be fulfilled Whatever: we have the right energy-efficient motor for you in the program.

The IE (International Efficiency) efficiency classes:

IE1 = Standard Efficiency

IE2 = High Efficiency

IE3 = Premium Efficiency

IE3 motors from Siemens: noticeably more than just economical

The aim of the EU-wide from 2015 IE3 standard is mainly to reduce the energy consumption of mains-operated electric motors sustainable and ultimately to contribute to the ambitious European climate targets in this way. The developers at Siemens, however, that was not enough: you have given the engines besides the obvious anyway at Siemens Energy efficiency more typical virtues along the way.

Siemens iE3 Motors by HMK

HMK are the strategic partner for Siemens low voltage motors supporting and supplying the OEM market. HMK offer the complete Siemens SIMOTICS GP General Purpose Motors SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors to complement the HMK range of gearboxes and providing a complete drive train solution for increase project efficiency.

With SIMOTICS, Siemens offer most comprehensive range of electric motors worldwide. From energy-efficient low-voltage motors through servomotors with a high dynamic performance and reliable DC motors up to powerful high-voltage motors. Innovative drive technology for all sectors, applications and power classes. Outstanding performance, quality, efficiency and compactness.

The new Simotics GP and SD ranges include the world class and renowned 1LA and 1LE motors with a full range of aluminium and cast-iron frames, powers up to 200kW and a full range of options. The Simotics range also includes Simotics XP explosion-proof motors and Simotics DP application specific motors up to 1250kW