3D Robotic Bin Picking: Vision of the Future

Robotic bin picking of random parts is a notoriously difficult task for robots, but increasing levels of flexibility and adaptability are making today’s robots more prepared to effectively pick randomly oriented objects. This ‘pick’ application has predominately been one of the most challenging for industrial robot systems to reliably perform, but once perfected the productivity gains are massive, saving on bespoke bowl feeders or product tooling. Whilst there are external 3D bin picking solutions available on the market, they have external controls and cameras, are complex to set up and are at a very high pricing point.

HMK Automation Group recently turned heads at the PPMA and Advanced Engineering Exhibitions with live demonstrations of the TM5 from TECHMAN, featuring the NEW integrated 3D Bin Picking Application Software Add-on. Together with a 3D camera connected directly to robot control box, the Techman Cobot is now able to be easily configured to perform this operation.

Watch the TM5 use its 3D vision to perform a bin-picking task that would be impossible to automate with less advanced machines: