The TM series of industrial collaborative robots can be used anywhere that your human workers need extra accuracy, reliability, or just a helping hand.

Collaborative robots are designed to complement the abilities of your human employees, taking on repetitive tasks like picking and placing or quality control that take up your employees' time and don't use their skills to their fullest extent.

Their versatility is a major selling point, so the list below is by no means exhaustive. We've seen cobots used for anything from building furniture to making coffee, and we're seeing more creative applications all the time.

In short, if you're wondering whether industrial collaborative robots are right for your business, the answer is probably yes.

In Detail

Pick and Place

Picking up and moving objects is critical to any manufacturing, logistics or fulfilment process, but it's repetitive, potentially strenuous work that doesn't use your employees' skills. Using its integrated vision system, the TM cobot can identify what needs to go where and place it with incredible accuracy, all while maintaining an accurate count of everything it has done.



Putting one thing inside another is simple- which is why your employees should be doing more valuable work. Leave the work of boxing and unboxing to cobots, who can pick up heavy loads and place them with perfect accuracy.

Machine Tending

Our cobots can team up with CNC machines- or almost anything in an production environment- to load and unload materials and finished products, restart processes and carry heavy parts. With a little ingenuity you can create automated manufacturing cells that can turn out products with little or no supervision.

PCB Manufacture


Printed Circuit Boards are in everything, from the computer or phone you're reading this on to the tiny key fob that unlocks your car. They're always getting smaller and more intricate, especially since the advent of the Internet of Things means that common devices now need to connect to each other wirelessly.

Because TM cobots are extremely accurate (down to fifty microns), they can assemble delicate electronic components that would be nearly impossible for a human engineer.


Quality Control


Using its sophisticated vision system, the TM cobot can spot items with manufacturing flaws as they come off a production line or remove substandard raw materials or food before they enter a production process. The cobot's concentration will never falter, it doesn't take toilet breaks and it doesn't get repetitive strain injury.



Moving items on and off pallets is difficult work that can often involve handling items that are too heavy for humans to move without risking injury. With their long reach and highhandling capacity, cobots can load and unload pallets, and even move them.


With the right attachment your cobot can paint or coat items quickly and efficiently, ensuring an even coat and operating in environments that would be dangerous for their human co-workers.


From industrial-grade ARC and laser welding in the automotive industry down to the highly precise soldering, cobots are able to perform welding tasks that would be difficult for even experienced welders.

Metal Cutting and Forming

Cobots can help your facility cut sheet metal with extreme precision using TIG, MIG and laser cutters. Because they are capable of performing the exact same cuts with precision down to fifty microns you can be assured of perfect results.