Our dexterous and adaptive soft finger gripper has been expertly designed to be capable of handling the most delicate of goods, such as soft fruit or eggs, whilst abiding to FDA regulations, requiring the gripper material to be food safe.

Whether the objects have differing weights, shape or sizing, the soft finger gripper can facilitate industrial applications which have been historically unsuitable for automation.

The soft grippers are able to function in unregulated and non-regimented environments, meaning they are suitable for ‘turn key’ integration into almost any application. Due to the flexibility and ability of the grippers when it comes to object variety, it allows for rapid pick and accurate place.

If you would like more information about this Soft Gripper, please contact a member of our friendly team via Email or on 01260 279411.

Gripper GS-4B5V5-09-S01-01


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